What's A Hexamatastrophe? (Demo E​.​P)

by Hexamatastrophe

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Hexamatastrophe's debut e.p. This is just a demo and all songs/recordings are subject to change. Be sure to check us out at www.facebook.com/Hexamatastrophe as well! We have more music there to listen to!


released January 28, 2014

Guitar - Andrew Baird
Bass - Christopher Kujawski
Piano/Vibes - Jeffrey Henry Engelbach-Schafer
Drums - Michael Baird
All lyrics - Michael Baird and Andrew Baird
Recording/Production - Jon Mix



all rights reserved


Hexamatastrophe Lancaster, New York

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Track Name: Hey There Darlin'
Hey there darlin', wouldn't it be neat
If tonight we went out for a tasty treat?
Some soda at the malt shop, or maybe something classic.
A little popcorn at the drive-in is always quite fantastic.
My pops'll let me take the car, oh wouldn't it be keen
To see our favorite movie stars on a giant screen?
We'll catch the double feature and maybe a second glance.
We'll put our hands together and our hearts will start to dance.

You know you look so lovely tonight,
And when I see you I know everything's alright.

Hey there darlin', let's make it a date.
Perhaps some dinner before we go, now doesn't that sound great?
Whatever it is you'd like to do I'm sure it will be swell.
As long as it's the both of us there's nothing you need to sell.
I'll be the perfect gentleman, make sure to impress the folks.
Laugh along and tell a couple of my favorite jokes.
Whatever it takes to know for certain this night will be a blast,
And anything to make so sure that it won't be the last.

You know you look so lovely tonight,
And when I see you I know everything's alright.
Track Name: The Houseless
The day or week doesn't cross our minds
We just rise with the sun and fall with the night

We are the houseless
Everywhere is our home
We are the houseless
Traveling day by day

We're known as the human underground
Or the shadows on the railways
Our legs are hanging over boxcars
Our feet are roaming over gravel and
We don't mind "no destination"
We're just looking for a path

We are the houseless
Sittin' down by the fire
We are the houseless
Findin' stories in the stars

Keep moving forward until we catch the sun
Holding our hopes up to the horizon

We are the houseless
Nothin' weighin' us down
We are the houseless
Going peak to peak
Track Name: Stephen Word
It's just another day, another night
It's nothing I haven't seen before
A lonely soul in the alleys picking up
Hungry threats from the rats down there
You never leave this place with a question
It'll just keep you up at night
Find a place in your head for those thoughts
and leave them there
They won't do you any good
Just hang your head and keep on walking home
Just keep on walking home

You learn to live with it
The cries, the screams, all of the noises
that would normally leave you senseless
You just have to tell yourself that it's just the way things are
No use in trying to do any good
Just close your eyes to it and keep on walking home
Just keep on walking home

You could wonder how they got here, but deep down
You know it's always the same way
With a weary heart and a set of bad directions
But we all know darkness enjoys it's company
And opens up it's arms to the weak of will
So the only question is how long will they last above the surface
and how long will it be before you join them?
But just hang on to the hope you have
And hold it close because you'll never get back what you lose
Hide it with all of your secrets
Hide it in that hole you've left inside
Leave it there and just keep on walking home
Just keep on walking home